With release v0.2.5, we introduced support for embedding and attaching files directly from embed.FS into your mail messages in go-mail. :golang:


Inspired by the recent efforts of
the cURL project on implementing REUSE compliance, as of today my Go mail library (go-mail) is officially REUSE compliant as well. More infos on REUSE here: reuse.software

Announcement: github.com/wneessen/go-mail/di


Version 0.2.3 of go-mail has been released today. This release adds support for storing generated mails directly into a file (preferably .eml) :golang:


Version 0.2.2 of go-mail has just been released. This release brings support for Go's template engine. You can now set your message body, alternative mail body parts, attachments or embeds using the Go html/template or text/template packages. :golang:



go-mail v0.2.1 has been released today. We now not only satisfy the io.WriteTo interface but also the io.Reader interface, allowing it to be used i. e. with io.Copy :golang:


My "Automated Password Generator" (apg) Clone is now available in the v0.4.1. It's now also provided as easy to use Docker container: github.com/wneessen/apg-go#doc :golang:

github.com/wneessen/go-hibp v1.0.2 has been released. This is mainly a maintenance release that brings some code cleanup, better test coverage and some code smell fixes. :golang:


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