Unity (former game engine company) has merged with an actual adware and malware distribution company. That's not an exaggeration. Fake Flash installers, was blacklisted by Microsoft's anti-malware tool, VirusTotal entires, that kind of thing.



Don't build your games on engines you don't have the source code to.

The first image from the James Webb Space Telescope (#JWST). From NASA,

"This slice of the vast universe covers a patch of sky approximately the size of a grain of sand held at arm’s length by someone on the ground."

In that little speck, I don’t know, maybe a thousand galaxies, each with perhaps 100,000,000,000 stars, and all that in a patch of sky too small to even pay attention to.

@fallenhitokiri Just add the == at the end of the URL. Looks like Mastodon does not recognize them as part of the URL

With release v0.2.5, we introduced support for embedding and attaching files directly from embed.FS into your mail messages in go-mail. :golang:


Four countries already made the call, time for the rest to step up as well isgoogleanalyticsillegal.com

Today github.com/wneessen/go-mail reached 20 stars on Github. Which of course is not much compared to big projects but still it means much to me, seeing that people like and support the project. Shows me that I should invest more time improving it. Thanks everyone for the ⭐️s

@maxheadroom @moellus Der Algorithmus muss ja nicht "dubios" sein. Was ist schlecht daran, wenn ein Algorithmus der Open-Source in einem OSS Produkt ist mir Content vorschlaegt, der fuer mich interessant sein koennte?

@jakob @moellus Tjo, auf Twitter finde ich fuer mich interesanten Content in dem er mir vorgeschlagen wird. Das "pendant" dazu waere hier die "Federated timeline". Die ist bei mir aber leider voll mit Kaffee-Content. Das ist voellig ok, dass Menschen hier sowas posten, fuer mich ist es aber nicht interessant.

@moellus Leichter gesagt als getan. Das meiste was ich hier lese halte ich fuer uninteressant und wuerde die Timeline nur vollspammen.

Schade. Erwartungsgemäß ist der Mastodon-Hype nach 2-3 Wochen wieder eingeschlafen und meine Timeline hier steht quasi still.

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